Sport the American Way

“Recruiting Scholarships for sportsmen are not the solution” News SMH 25 Sept. For heavens sake. No! for all our sakes please do something to end our increasing emulation of Americanisms especially now in school sports.
Over the years we have all seen news items of champion sports not particularly good academics, being awarded scholarships to American universities and in our superiority we have thought “it couldn’t happen here”, but, readers it is apparently happening here and not at a reasonably adult level but at Y11 and Y12 levels. And how many “sporting” films have you seen about similar practices in junior sport in America?
Stop it before it spreads. It has not produced a healthy society. Quite the contrary. Root it out. Stop those people in authority here who will do anything to enhance their reputations in the academic world by pushing their school to further and further excesses.
For my part I want a healthy atmosphere for the students of our schools and universities, where sport is played in a reasonably healthy competitive way. Where they can be brought up to enjoy their sport with all the character enhancements that entails. Have our sports and schools been successful without this infection?
Stop the American disease – right now, and everywhere.


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