Bells and Whistles

Congratulations and commiserations David Wilson (Inner West Courier Oct 9) congratulations on being possibly the only cyclist actually using that small round, silver piece of equipment mounted on the handlebars of your bike. Commiserations on your problems with the jogger (“Take share when you have to share” News 8 October) and good wishes for your health in the future.
I have never heard the sound of a bell when using the footpaths of Lewisham, Petersham, Newtown even though required by law. I have been shocked by the sudden appearance of a silent cyclist at my elbow just as I was taking a step to the side of (my) footpath.
So I am pleased to think that there is actually a cyclist who observes the law in respect to the use of a bell. And I hope that as well as asking pedestrians and joggers to watch their step perhaps the Share the Path campaign will stress that pedestrians have some right on their own footpaths.


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