Gen Rent – another category

“Maybe some sacrifices wouldn’t go astray” Sun Herald October 20 – told only part of the story. “The Boys” came home to a country with a small demob payment in their pocket for their time “abroad”, where housing was at a premium even for renters.. so we made do with renting a room with use of kitchen. As I remember there appeared to be no opportunities or institutions lending for housing. OK if you had a well-off parent with money to finance you – housing was certainly cheap by present standards – but where to get the finance needed?
So mainly we became the Generation-Rent living in makeshift garages and working on a fibro place after hours and weekends. Yes the article was so right. Wives could find little work – when you married you were expected to leave work, but after the War years when we kept industry and commerce going, we thought ourselves lucky. In fact the Public Service and Commercial Offices simply did not hire young married women. You may have a baby.
And the real problem for Gen Y and Gen Z… Not that it is really and comparatively harder than in those years but that these younger people expect to start off where their parents arrived after 25 or so years of buying carefully, renovating, saving for the future. They want a house, often MacMansion size complete with everything that opens and closes.
That is the consensus of opinion among people “out here” in the real world of whether it is easier or harder for young people to obtain housing.


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