Taxes and land rates

What a great idea Sue from Coogee – SMH Letters 2nd Nov.
Sue said that “perhaps if all religious organisations paid taxes and rates on their land … the same way that other landowners are levied, a balanced education for all of our children might just hum along”.
How interesting Sue. At the present time almost one third of the State’s children are educated at non-State schools. It would be interesting to see the exodus if these non-state schools were hit by big taxes and land rates and the fees, currently as much as some parents can manage, were forced to increase.
Perhaps when the public schools became crowded with the exodus of children from the non-state school system, many of them subsidised by the parents in non-public schools, there would be a complaint about over-crowding and perhaps even those well off parents who currently (ab)use the taxpayer funded state school system to their advantage, would look for an alternative.
Following this exodus the numbers at non-state schools would decrease and there would be no over crowding – win/win situation for those schools even with increased fees.
There would be overcrowding at state schools but the government would be in the process of collecting Sue’s suggested taxes and land rates – so a win/win situation for – someone??
Good on you Sue. It’s a great idea – for someone?


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