Boring, Boring! When will the copycat minions of the media without an original thought in their heads, allow Diana to RIP.
Kate wears a green dress at the hospital and “it is like Diana’s” – it was nothing like Diana’s dress.
Harry and William give their names to a charity or charities – just like their Mother. That is what all the Royals do – become patrons to charities but no – it’s what Diana did.
They meet the people – like Diana, and like all the other Royals including Anne and Camilla..
There are some activities I hope that Harry and William do not clone their Mother and it appears that they are too well balanced for that.
Media copy-cats – let Diana RIP; let her sons live their lives without constantly looking for similarities to Diana – it’s not unusual for children to have the same habits as their Mother. It’s not at all unusual.


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