Obstacles for pedestrians

Recently I wrote about the lack of consideration by motor bike riders. Now I must add to the list.
I suggest to shoppers, avoid the sales. It’s not just the frenzied mob – you can cope with these, but those who have no idea of keeping to the left on over-crowded footpaths; people who stand in the middle of the footpath while they discuss the world situation (? ) causing frustrated crowds to try to get around them. . But worse are the “back packers” (not necessarily the genus but those with shopping packs on their backs).
These huge packs (are they breaking into the removalist-by-stealth business?) are deadly for people sitting in buses as the wearers swing around to carry on conversations; And as they walk the footpaths, turning from side to side, hitting heads and bodies depending on the height of passer-byes, I have wondered what they can possibly be carrying in these huge backpacks.
These are just a few of the problems you will encounter on the footpaths/buses of Sydney, especially during sale time.


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