The Royal Visit

So the charming Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and child will visit next year and as a Republican I wish them well and welcome to my country!
However I do not look forward to the gush from writers and reporters who will hit the “Diana” button trying to establish similarities with Kate Middleton.
Give over please. Allow Kate to be her own woman. I am sure she won’t emulate the activities of the Charles/Diana/William visit when the baby was parked in the Riverina area, with Mother and Father flying back and forth; finally packing up and leaving Australia together but parting company somewhere in the Pacific. Mum and Dad kissed the baby who went back to England with the Nanny while Mum and Dad went off on a holiday. So much for requiring that a few months old baby should be brought right across the world to perform for the adoring masses particularly Monarchists.
Let’s hope that we will not be exposed to a similar charade next April. But it has started already: William will do a 12 week Agriculture Course to prepare him to manage the property he will ultimately inherit and a “brain” on Ch 9 (you will recognise him) opined that he would probably give a few tips to our farmers. Spare us please!!!!


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