Optimism – for whom

What an optimistic, understanding leader we have in Tony Abbott (Be optimistic, Abbott urges “great people” 1/1/2014). He showed his optimism and understanding recently when he told those losing their jobs in Elizabeth at Holden, that they would be “liberated” to choose another direction, that is in a State and city with the highest unemployment in the country. But he understood that people must be encouraged to look for other avenues to follow. Good on him.
And now we are being exhorted to be “optimistic” reminding Australians we are “a great country and a great people”.
What senseless, empty hogwash when he is so intent on making life harder under his government cutting out any benefits we have fought for over the years.
So I say “thank you God of Politics. You have given us a leader to show us that in pain there is gain – for a certain class of the people at least.


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