Stupidity – Class and stupidity

While I don’t necessarily agree with the SCG Trust in their actions about the “short dress” at Randwick Races in the Members Stand recently, I absolutely disagree with the stupidity of one of the correspondents to t he SMH who claimed if “she were a hick from wherever wearing a short tacky dress from Kmart” She further raised my ire with her remarks “not only is she a corporate lawyer .. her father a platinum member of the SCG Trust”.
Does this correspondent suggest that you should take along your invoice when you attend the SCG to show that your dress was not “from Kmart” and does she also suggest that there are different rules for a corporate lawyer.
What an amazing view in the year 2014 not only about where you buy your clothes (Kate Middleton supposedly shops on High St) but to suggest that a “lawyer” is above the rules when lawyers regularly come at the bottom of the list of respected occupations.
Wake up lady from Newport. Come into the real world.


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