Corruption – white or blue?

“Taking on unions needs to be first order of business” – Peter Reith SMH 4 Feb. Ok Peter but how about being a little balanced? How about “Taking on white collar crime and criminals, needs to be first order of business”. In many a long day I have yet to see anybody address the problem of white collar crime where millions of dollars are siphoned off in businesses, followed by bankruptcy, a slap on the wrist, and then often the malefactor returns to the bosom of his family where the compliant wife occupies a palatial home. He then proceeds to return to business and further making of millions.
But is a word spoken? Is any complaint made? Does anybody refer to the corruption of white collar crime.
However when the white collar criminal is a clerk who has stolen millions – then there is a big court case followed by time in gaol.
Seems a bit lopsided doesn’t it.
So Peter if you are looking to clean up anything – how about cleaning up white collar crime as well as corruption in blue collar circles.


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