Sanity at last in the matter of the Royals

Signs of sanity – at last. Readers of Fairfax recently must have been surprised when The S Checklist – Sun Herald 9 March brought quite a few gushing, simpering would-be commentators down to earth. The writer brought some sanity to the question of William and Kate and the “brouhaha over the princess’ upcoming visit borders on the ridiculous”. It went on to make comparisons and ask for more credible role models for young women to eulogise.
I remembered a News Presenter on commercial TV recently who suggested that William would be able to give our farmers a few tips – William is undertaking a 12 week course in Farming Administration – where exactly does that well known News Presenter keep his brains?
Back to Prince George – who waved to the adoring crowd at 2 days old. I was reminded of the headline in a London paper at the birth of Prince George, “Woman has baby”. That says it all… and I quite like William and Kate – as long as we realise that they are in the business of selling the idea of British Royalty and they are foreign.


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