What do they really want???

I have questions for the anti-Badgery’s Creek Airport group but I doubt that they will have answers.
If this airport on 1700 hectares (almost twice the size of Sydney Airport) is built have they given thought to the employment? Do they think that the hundreds/thousands of employment opportunities will go to the northern suburbs, the eastern suburbs or the Southern suburbs? Where will they go? to the Western suburbs of course.
The necessary infrastructure will benefit whom? the people of the northern, eastern or southern suburbs, or will it benefit residents of the Western suburbs and even those who do not use this necessary infrastructure in relation to the airport…the roads and possible railway will really open up the Western Suburbs.
Will the businesses that tend to grow up around the airport benefit anybody apart from the Western Suburbs?.
Much has been made of health problems – hey! many Sydneysiders already live in and around an airport (Mascot and Bankstown). Are they less healthy than the people of the Western Suburbs currently without the airport.
Wake up Western Sydney and grab this opportunity with both hands!


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