A better Australian ???

“A better Australian than you lot” (Sen Brandis). Plaudits from several members of the Liberal Party. Of course, he was a great bag-man. He raised a huge amount of donations to the Liberal Party. We will ignore that ultimately most of this came from the taxpayer through various means.

But what Sen Sinodinos was not, was as good at figures as most housewives – he couldn’t work out that he was living way, way above his means.

Thank you Kate (SMH) for your exposure(s) of questionable matters in politics. You deserve the highest Award from your country.

Now it remains only: Tony, How much did you know about the donations you used in the last election and in your electorate. At least Joe knew enough to return donations of at least $75,000 this week. So how much did you know Tony? And Sen Brandis – how much did you know when you praised Sen Sinodinos so fulsomely (check the Macquarie Dictionery) this week.


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