comparing religions – is it good for kids

“The Students of many, equal gods” – News Sun Herald 23 March. Reading the remarks from parents/principal of the John Colet School I couldn’t help feeling so sorry for those kids being given all those conflicting ideas at their early age when they really are not equipped to think analytically. They are getting no certainty just when they need certainty. Do those educators/parents leave open for these kids which country they belong to? Do they leave open just who is/are their parent/s? Do they tell the kids “you can decide on these matters when you are old enough to make up your own minds”.

Faith – whichever one is chosen – is a certainty for the kids just as their parents and their country is. And we can be sure that kids will actually decide some time in the future what their faith will be – but when they are able to actually decide for themselves.

Is that the problem we see in so many young people these days that there is little certainty in their lives, everything is so fuzzy and so they drift into – whatever?


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