It’s time – and little green apples

When will the people who actually run the Coalition (you know – the real Faceless men) do something about the maverick in charge of wrecking the conservative side of government. Every convention usually observed by both Parties, which ensured a semblance of civilized behaviour in our National Parliament, have gone out the window with this PM and his cohorts. Royal Commissions (at over $100M a time), demanding the release of Cabinet papers before the usual 30 years, using the Defence Forces to promote their political agenda, the use of boats/asylum seekers to play the political game, replacing previous Labor appointees with “jobs for the boys”and so much more.

As sure as God made little green apples there will be a change of government some time and what will happen then – will the conservative side of Parliament expect that Labor will be saintly and forebearing and observe the conventions destroyed by the Conservatives?

Please… before Tony Abbott entirely wrecks our system of governance to promote his own ego and ambitions – STOP HIM


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