The Cambridge Trio

Kate, William and George will be coming to Australia for a short visit next month and I would like to offer some helpful phrases to the gushing horde of media followers.

*George is so like (Kate) (William) (Diana);

*He doesn’t look like any other 8-month old baby – he already seems so royal.

*Yes, Kate’s dress(es) are the same style as Diana’s . She often wears clothes like Diana, i.e. blue, green, white, red, pink, etc. etc. with openings for arms and head.

*William (and Harry) are following in the unique footsteps of their Mother in their charitable activities”. And so are the rest of the extended Royal family who work extensively for charities.

*George loves us already and his royal wave shows that he is fit to be king one day. He will surely be back in Australia soon…he looks so happy to be here. When we saw him leaving hospital after birth, he could barely lift his hand but he will have learned since then to give us a full “royal” wave.


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