Credibility – questionable

The Abbott/Hockey money raising exercise would have more credibility if they started at the top instead of at the bottom. How about the seven (yes, that’s right – 7) ex-Prime Ministers and believe it or not – six (6) ex-GGs since Ninian Stephen, living on big pensions and amazing lurks and perks not including the receipt of pensions etc. from previous careers..
How about capping the entitlements for ex-PMs and ex-GGs to say, five years from start of retirement. It is entirely possible that some of these exs could be living on the public purse for decades (as we have seen up to now) continuing to use taxpayer funds.
So Tony and Joe – start at the top, the very top and cap entitlements for ex-PMs and ex-GGs… or are you simply waiting for your turn at the trough?.


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