Do we need the USA alliance

“How much do we really need Uncle Sam?” Peter Hartcher 13 May. That’s a great question Peter and it goes right back to WW2. (Yes I am old enough to know that time). Since then we have believed as a matter of faith that the USA saved us – as I have been told many times – without ever stopping to think that in those days – the early 40s – the USA needed us as a base and supplies supplier. We endured Douglas Macarthur denigrating our soldiers and using this country, and not bothering ever to go to New Guinea.
But “the USA saved us” and we went along with it and never questioned it…until now and the questioning comes from a retired conservative PM.
We sent off our soldiers without question to die in several theatres of useless war the latest being Afghanistan.
We signed Trade agreements with the USA that were to the advantage of – guess who? – the USA and now the fear is that we could be brought into a very bad situation re China, not of our choosing if we don’t stand firm – as did Britain in the Vietnam War.
Let’s realise that we are independent; the USA needs allies and so needs us and we should give aid where it doesn’t kill off our young people.


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