End of a Distraction

Stop! listen! Enjoy the peace of a media free of simpering, gushing, fawning – the royals have gone home where they will be able to relax – as do we.
Lovely couple, lovely little boy – reminds me of so many little kids I know, but what do they really have to do with our lives.
Now I can think about what the politicians are doing, what new scandal there is on the news and on the horizon; who is fighting who in the streets; what is ICAC unearthing from the bowels of the earth (or sewers); how much will it cost us to be warm this winter; and – THE BUDGET.
I am really not missing papers and airwaves full of news about what Kate wore, little George with a royal wave (? ); and William looking more like Charles every time we see him.
So back to everyday daily news.


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