The Royals

Catching up on WWs, I opened up the magazzine and there were pages and pages of the Royal Visit and while I am happy to welcome them to my country (they seem like a very nice couple) I am heartily sick and tired of hearing Kate compared to Diana. Kate seems like an intelligent young woman – her own person – with a good education. This is quite different to Diana who, if I remember correctly – did not have any educational experience/qualifications at all.
The comparisons are ridiculous – Kate’s dress when leaving the hospital with the baby – with comments that it was like Diana’s. Yes, it had an opening for head and two sleeves but that was the extent of the similarity.
And charity work espoused by the young Royals – “like Diana”. For heaven’s sake – what can the royals do but be patrons of charities and appear at appropriate times to “sell” that particular charity? That’s what royals do.
And a light-on-brains presenter (allegedly a senior in his TV organisation) waffled on that William, doing a 12 week course in farming, would be able to give tips to Australian farmers (NB: El Nino and drought etc.)
Aren’t presenters given any briefing before talking about the royals?
Yes, I am a Republican but I will welcome this younger generation of Royals and Charles and Camilla, as honoured visitors if they come this way again.
And I hope and pray that publications such as WW and others will allow Diana to RIP.


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