An Independent Speaker

Watch Question Time anyone interested in the governance of our country, and you will see a case for an Independent Speaker.

The Sun Herald says “An Independent Speaker is now essential” (Sun Herald 1 June). An independent speaker is ALWAYS essential but what we have now is a Party hack – with no apologies, selected as far as I can see just to be Speaker to build up entitlements for a future retirement, while giving the Coalition an extra hand..
I have heard MPs refer to the Clerk of the House as the fount of all wisdom – what is wrong with a paid Public Servant with a great knowledge of the workings of Parliament, being appointed Speaker. Someone with no affiliations and biases.
It’s time we got away from the Westminster system – it may work for the UK but how a Speaker here could be divorced from affiliations even if he/she does not attend party room meetings, I don’t know or believe.


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