“Father”Tony finds perfect soulmate in Canada’s PM (Mark Kenny Comment SMH 13 June).

I am a Catholic and I object strongly to those commentators/columnists who so often refer to Tony Abbott, Joe Hockey etc. etc. as Catholics – devout Catholics.

And why do I object? The Church that I have known for a long lifetime taught compassion (think refugees); care of the sick and homeless (think the current budget – hospitals, schools, refuges waiting for their “grant” to come through etc.), a proper distribution of resources (the labourers in the vineyard). It did not and does not teach that care means care for the wealthy especially at the expense of the poor and disadvantaged and handouts to those who do not need it.

So please commentators/columnists – stop referring to the clique at the head of this government as “devout Catholics”.

Sometimes I wonder what their “elite” schools think of their ex-pupils. Knowing the Jesuits (as I do) I would think that they would be dismayed that his name is associated with them.

I disavow this government group. I disavow their ethics. I totally repudiate them.


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