The Top of the Tree – untoucheable

You are kidding Judith Carpenter (Pursue upper ranks – Letters SMH 16 June) aren’t you? Since when did those at the top of the tree pay for rorting the system – they have phalanxes of lawyers and accountants to ensure that they don’t have to pay – remember a famous case – “Anybody is mad to pay tax if they don’t have to” just a few years ago – a big man, a really big man who paid a reported 2% income tax .
And look at the current Inquiry into the Unions – who is in trouble there but the down-the-ladder lot who accepted the bribes. Not those at the top who paid the bribes to obtain something they possibly were not supposed to get.
Open your eyes – only the people at the bottom will and do pay for wrongdoing and excesses. That’s what those at the top have high priced lawyers for.


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