National interest ???

I am Australian. I am a voter. I am one of those people who conscientiously vote for government/opposition but I now find myself in a position where that same government is keeping more and more information from me in the name of “national interest”.
I can understand not being told the deployment of troops or the negotiations going on about a new trade agreement but I cannot understand why I am not told all the facts of the trade agreement when signed.
I can understand the negotiations about the purchase of defence armament or the purchase of new planes (to fly around and round this continent???) but what I can’t understand is why I am not told after the negotiations.
More and more “stuff” is being hidden in the name of “the national interest”.
Where are three miserable little Indonesian fishing boats in the ocean; how many of these self same miserable fishing boats have left Indonesia – not as we are told: no fishing boats “have arrived in Australian waters”. A spin if ever I saw one.
If I am intelligent enough to vote. Intelligent and responsible enough to elect governments – then I am intelligent enough to not have an increasing amount of information kept from me “in the name of the national interest”. Sounds like Germany must have sounded in the 30s.


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