Peter Slipper – fair treatment?

“Slipper fails to have charges dismissed” News SMH 25 July. So Peter Slipper used dishonestly $1000 worth of government issued Cabcharge vouchers for private business. So what? I have no brief for Peter Slipper but reluctantly I ask How much did it cost for quite a large group of Coalition MPs to attend a wedding overseas; and how much for the PM to ride up and down the east coast in lycra, calling it “charity”. And what about the MP who took his wife up the Coast on “electorate” business (thousands of Kms from his electorate) when he had no relationship at all to the area.
Of course, they got in before the Auditors could catch up and repaid the amounts – quite serious amounts, so why wasn’t Peter Slipper given the option to repay a petty cash amount of $1000?
Is it because of vindictiveness? Is it because he handed government to the ALP. That I would believe because dear Tony is renowned for petty, vindictive behaviour as in overseas postings made by the ALP in power and rescinded by the Coalition Govt. Remember?


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