State of the Nation

Which planet does SMH contributor (D Knowles 19 July) inhabit? . He finishes his letter on that date “now for the greatest challenge of all – to repair the damage done to Australia’s financial standing by six years of incompetent, irresponsible government”. Read knowledgeable newspapers, listen to commentators of integrity and check with economists around the world and with OECD economists, Mr Knowles. Australia is in a healthy position as a result of those self-same six years of Labor government. The OECD admires our financial position. Visiting economists ask “what is wrong with Australia? Their position is envied by the world”.
Open your ears and eyes Mr Knowles and recognise that this country weathered the Financial Crisis of a few years back in a very healthy state, and it’s only the fear tactics of the present government that has you and others like you fearful of their own shadows.


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