Section 18c

So the people have spoken and the repeal of S18c in the race-hate laws has been stopped – full stop. But there is a very worrying consequence – under John Howard we had co-Prime Minister-ship with Alan Jones; now we appear to have co-PM-ship of Abbott and Bolt with Andrew Bolt being advised of Cabinet discussions/decisions before they are made public. Is this good? I leave that to you.

Another question I have is: does the PM finally realise that the public questions his leadership qualities? He uses his pre-election strategy of “repetition, repetition, and they (the public) will believe me”. How many times can Tony Abbott use the words “Leader”, “Leadership qualities” etc. before someone tells him that he is not in election mode – that won’t be for a couple of years and then…. It worked once but now it’s boring because he simply does not display qualities of leadership.


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