Correct Dates?

The 4th August was celebrated as the centenary of the declaration of WW1 by Britain. Just a minute – 4th August in Britain would be 5th August surely? So why are we celebrating this event on the 4th.
Similarly the bombing of Pearl Harbour was 7th December in Pearl Harbour which is 8th December here in Australia when we awoke to the shelling of Pearl Harbour.
So, what dates do we celebrate – the dates in other countries or the dates in this country.
And while we are at it: what about reverting to the correct dates for the beginning of the seasons. Remember when seasons started on/about 21/22nd of the month in accordance, I believe, with moon phases but then the almighty dollar (pounds then) came into play and the retailers wanted and got the 1st of the month because it helped them in their marketing and advertising and window dressing.
So how about it – let’s go back to a more correct date for changeover of seasons and I believe that then we will be in line with most of the world. How about it?.


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