Royal Commissions to the right of us; Inquiries to the left – when will this stop? It will be when the present government has exhausted its list of targets from the last government (Julia Gillard and the Unions). Does Tony understand what he has unleashed? What happens in the future when there is a change of government – will there be petty, vindictive legal attacks.

I am making my list of cases I think would be ripe for Inquiries when we have a change of government:

1.Why were so many Coalition MPs allowed to repay expenses on visits, weddings, functions etc. which repayment was not offered until the media broadcast the expenses rorting?

2.Why was not Peter Slipper accorded the same “get-out-of-gaol” when his cab charges were publicised?

3.Why was almost nothing made of the PM telling the Party room that he was late for a Party meeting because he had to attend a function to legitimise his travel claims?

4.Why was little made of a reported friend of the PM awarding a $60,000 scholarship to the PM’s daughter but no record made in government records of its receipt?

5.Does the PM and Party expect that when there is a change of government, which will come as surely as God made little green apples, that an incoming government will not pursue the same course of petty vindictive behaviour?

6.Is this the first incoming government to get rid of diplomatic appointments made by a previous government, – check out at least two such appointments.

7.And don’t forget the amazing bias shown by the Speaker of the House in her position – last count 200 times calling out with just 2-3 against Conservatives. Makes a case for a genuinely independent and separate Speaker, perhaps someone like the Clerk of the House.

8.And why is it that it’s the Conservative side that so often breaks the conventions?

Don’t draw a line under the above as I am sure that there will be many rorts/claims in the future.


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