Scotland the Brave

Surely the “No” campaign in Scotland can’t be feeling satisfied with the referendum results? A fractured country with a very large minority wanting change to be followed probably by Wales and Northern Ireland.

From my angle the “Yes” campaign was definitely a fear campaign. Be fearful – Business will leave Scotland; the Scottish economy isn’t sustainable; you will not be able to return to the Union even if you wanted to; the EU won’t want you; be fearful of change. Fear…fear…fear.

And then the dirty tricks – lowering the voting age for this referendum from 18 to 16 and disenfranchising Scots living outside the UK

But they can’t get away from the result – a huge minority wants out.

Sitting here in Australia I wonder if there will be an increase in Scottish migration from a country that no longer suits. And if there is, those who migrate will be those dissatisfied with London and they may bring some backbone to Australia. Interesting times ahead and this isn’t the last of the Yes/No campaign.


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