Cyclists and why I don’t like them

Yet another study has been completed about cyclists and why they ride the way they do and their safety. But nobody mentions pedestrians and their safety not even the Pedestrian Council of Australia (toothless tiger as it is).

At least four times in as many weeks I have been in danger from cyclists on footpaths who appear to use the footpaths as their own. Will this be the next step in this cosseting of cyclists on pedestrian footpaths.

Three times lately I have come out onto the footpath from my driveway and almost collected a cyclist (no! the cyclist almost collected me) – no apologies, no bells, one in fact said that the fault was mine “you came out too fast”… From my own driveway onto my own footpath.

The latest almost took me out ON the footpath as I walked along – no bell, no sound, no warning as he came up behind me.

Will it need a pedestrian, probably an elderly pedestrian to be knocked down and injured before councils and the Pedestrian Council do something about enforcing regulations requiring bells to be sounded as riders come up behind walkers? And incidentally why are cyclists so favoured?


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