governments who steal

I am so tired of hearing/reading in the news day after day that Councils and Governments are thinking of even more ways to raise money by selling off to developers:

Bush land on Middle Head; Crown land Surf Clubs to development; and the supreme example – Barangaroo. And why did the Chinese developers behind the proposed “Chinese Disneyland” think that they could get land donated for their purposes. They obviously had done their homework and had reason for this belief.

Check it out – these examples are not alone.

If Councils/Governments would get their high-end commercial interests to pay their proper tax; if something could be done about overseas companies hiving away millions (no billions) of dollars in tax havens they wouldn’t have to continue to steal from taxpayers. And $M500 to run the talkfest in Brisbane to allow politicians to swan around – for what? Decisions were made by the real workers in the background well before this extravaganza.

But of course, we have a Federal Government who couldn’t possibly accept a mining tax or a carbon tax to add to the Treasury – that might hit their big backers.


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