I truly love you Ross Gittins (Rationalists often bury their mistakes – SMH 10 Nov). You have the gift of reducing my confused thinking to reasonable logic. I have often worried how it could be that when a private outfit takes over a public “service” on the grounds of efficiency and costing less, the logic escapes me. There are shareholders to get a dividend making a third layer of pay, and I have worked in both private and public sector and I really don’t see much in the way of more efficiency so where is it more economical and efficient for the private sector to be given – at taxpayers expense usually – the running of most of our “services”.
As Ross points out it is at the expense of jobs and the use of casual labour very often. The people who gain are primarily big business and hopefully shareholders but certainly not those at the bottom of the scale.
And don’t forget – these people pay taxes – they work and they vote.


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