The Brisbane talkfest

Now that the most expensive weekend visit (about two days I believe) has concluded in Brisbane could we cut out the gush and nonsense and say what we all know: it was just a trip for the “World Leaders” so that they could have a break from their own countries and problems. We all know that the real work was done beforehand by those dreaded Public Servants and conclusions were presented to the “Leaders” who then waffled on and on as if they had had any hand in the real negotiations, which believe it or not, started a decade ago well before this government even emerged from the ruck.
What a great weekend – about $500M supposedly and what did they accomplish? **&&%%$$ all to use a colloquialism but they had a good look around.
Do you think they were “casing the joint” to quote some American detective, to see what else they can get out of this “stupid” country which hasn’t yet learned that these countries will look after themselves and the devil take the hindmost.


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