Nov 11 and it’s Remembrance Day and much is made of WW1. And I agree.
The Head of the RSL now asks that returnees from Afghanistan and Iraq be remembered for the mental health issues they will be experiencing – I agree.
Just a moment – where has WW2 gone? Once again this major war when for the first time Australia faced invasion, has been lost or has disappeared into a big black hole in the universe. No mention, or very little mention between WW1, Vietnam and now Afghanistan/Iraq.
What is going on? The body that supposedly looks after the issues affecting returned servicemen, is silent on the matter of WW2 the only time that Australians fought for Australia in S E Pacific; the only time that Australia faced invasion in our 200+ years.
So what is going on and why is WW2 just about ignored? And don’t tell me that Anzac Day covers WW2 – ask any kid in the street what Anzac means or what does Galipolli mean and he/she will reply – Galipolli – not Kokoda, not Tobruk – just Galipolli


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