The Premier of this State (NSW) in his sincere (sickening) way proposes to demolish the 120+ year old Powerhouse Museum to allow the aggressive Parramatta Mayor to build a replica in Parra and help developer mates out at the big end of town with a wonderful site in Sydney.. And Parra thinks it will be able to import history, heritage, atmosphere and artefacts to the Western Suburbs City.
Wake up Parramatta – make your own traditions; encourage your own history and heritage, just don’t think you can demolish an historic building with all its traditions and simply build another in Parramatta.
What next – demolish all the lovely Sydney sandstone buildings around Bridge St and move them stone by stone to Parramatta and create another early colonial area.
Wake up Parramatta. And people of Sydney – object to this vandalism. – vote out this vandal at the end of this month.


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