It’s election time soon in NSW and again in coming months.  I am really incensed at the use of the word “mandate” by political leaders after the election to over, to validate their several policies.

They may win by a low majority of seats but the Leader will loudly proclaim that he has a “mandate” for all his policies even though voters may want only one or two and more importantly – do NOT want some.

How to combat this and bring some truth into politics?

We could have a “yes/no” question for each policy on the election paper at the same time as the election… in effect a referendum on each of the policies.

Then there would be no “I have a mandate for all my policies”. He and we would know just how many policies were truly wanted by the electorate… and how many were NOT wanted and maybe we would achieve truth in politics.

Let’s have truth in politics for a change.


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