In the matter of refugee numbers in the current chaos in Europe, I do think that definitely, yes to families of those refugees who have no hope of returning to their home countries but I can’t help wondering about the thousands of young men I see in the news, milling around and demanding to go to Germany where (as one man claimed loudly) “he would be rich”.
I can understand a Father/Mother wanting peace, safety, better conditions for their children. They have crossed countries to ensure a better life for them but why do not these hundreds/thousands of young men rally to their country’s cause?. Are they simply economic refugees.
I know if this country were in danger our young men would rally to protect our country and their families.
In this month of Battle for Australia Day (Sept 2) commemorating Kokoda our young men – AIF – were brought back from years in a desert war, as usual fighting for other countries, and immediately thrown into a jungle to fight for their own country. They were fighting for their own;


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