End easy rides for MPs

Sam Dastyari, Julie Bishop, Dutton, Cormann, Fifield, Ley – them and more, many more, are only doing what politicians think they have a right to do – sell their influence.
If we want some integrity we have to really think about who is going to be promoted into political ranks and make sure they don’t come through closed shops such as unions and ministers’ offices.
There should be a requirement that they have a couple of years at least in the real world and not work for “mates”. Perhaps it’s time to recruit from outside unions, law offices, universities. Perhaps we should look for a solid political home background rather than a background in unions/universities…one where their party politics is in the blood.
And perhaps “ethics” should be part of entrance to politics – how many times have you heard – “it’s legal”, “it’s within the guidelines”…so ethics wouldn’t go astray


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