Proposed referendum on recognition of Aboriginals in the Constitution

Listening/watching the “conversation” on ABC 11 Jan, discussing a referendum to recognise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders (ATSI) in the Constitution I noticed that this conversation seems to have expanded to include a Treaty and this really interests me.
My question : If the Australian Government, representing Australian voters, signs a Treaty with a group such as ATSI does this mean that ATSI are NOT Australians because in my naivety I have always thought that treaties were co-signed with other nations, not Australia. Would we have a nation within a nation? Who would be responsible for everything in this other nation, e.g. which law would appertain?
And does this mean that the co-signatories, ATSI, will assume responsibility for their own actions and for their decisions.
I think there has to be much more clarification of the whole proposed referendum/treaty question before it can go to the people…and certainly I will need to know more before I can say “Yes”.


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