19th January 2017, the 40th anniversary of the dreadful train crash at Granville and descendants are calling for apologies. Am I cynical because the thought crossed my mind “the lawyers can’t be far behind with class action claims”.
And that reminds me that as a descendant of convicts, Irish Catholic into the bargain, surely I could have grounds for a class action to get into the public purse. Surely I can make a case for the trauma I suffered as an Irish Catholic descendant of convicts …Surely.   And the discrimination I experienced over the years because of this self same situation.
A “good” lawyer should be able to make a case for me and other descendants of Irish Catholic Convicts to claim against our Government or the British Government – why leave the money grabbing to politicians.
See how ridiculous it has become when everybody can make a case for discrimination, trauma, persecution, etc. etc.


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