Taxpayer dollars – again and again

Heat is on in battle to keep cool – Sun Herald 8 Jan…and part of the problem seems to be football stadiums, golf courses and swimming pools.   Why? The first two – stadiums and golf courses – are for-profit organisations and so for the life of me I can’t see why taxpayer money goes into them at all…perhaps for the photo opportunities afforded by lining up at the games.
Swimming pools are for all of the people in a disadvantaged area distant from the sea, especially for kids who should be learning to swim as part of their school curriculum.
Football stadiums should not be funded by the taxpayer – everybody connected to football seems to enjoy very big, v-e-r-y big salaries; golf courses are for a very small percentage of the community.
I rest my case – fund swimming pools for the majority of people of the area; ensure that swimming is part of the school day…and perhaps save some of the taxpayer dollars for other more worthy opportunities…and perhaps save a few lives instead of contributing to some of the brawls outside football stadiums.   Or are we talking about votes here and not lives.


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