With a new premier in the offing and the possibility that pressure from the moneyed end of town plus from the nightclub group, will enable change to the lockout laws, we hear agitation and claims that they represent the voice of Sydney wanting to have the nights alive with – what?
Who do these agitators represent? Not the hospitals who have breathed a little easier for the past weeks; not the medics and paramedics and ambulance workers so often abused by drunks in these areas; not the police who have had fewer calls to the “entertainment” area; not the parents who must worry about seeing their sons/daughters on the news, dragged from the gutters as we so often did every Friday and Saturday night.
So who do these agitators represent?
And if their voices are heard ahead of the ordinary persons of Sydney who will they represent? Surely the worst element of Sydney’s nightlife backed by…who?.


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