Water, water

Mr Joyce, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister for Agriculture – did I really see a piece in the paper recently about a person extracting 1000s & 1000s of litres of water from Australia’s underground supply and on-selling it overseas.
Could this be true? Will we be again in the position of being the supplier of a natural resource (e.g. oil, gas) only to have to buy it back for our own use here at vastly inflated prices…think gas.
Now water?
And in December I saw a piece on the ABC about the CSIRO working on finding the best soils for agriculture only to be held back by the lack of water.
What is wrong with us? Don’t we have a brain in our heads? Or are our political leaders totally corrupt and looking to find the best places to sell off our resources and ensure their own futures.
I would dearly love to have a true and honest reply about this matter Mr Barnaby. Who looks after Australia if not our politicians and I very much doubt that they do – in fact with the stories of corruption being discovered by Authorities like ICAC I wonder if we are any better than the openly corrupt third world countries of Africa.
Who gave permission to sell this resource more precious than gold?  And Mr Barnaby in your capacity of Minister for Agriculture explain the sale of our most precious resource and who actually gets the “dough”.  Smells rather Obeid-ish?


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