The Royals

Let’s get one thing straight: Prince Harry is a most attractive young man who does a good job of whatever he does. Prince William seems to be a good husband/father. So let’s cut out the cringing, fawning, just-like-Diana stuff.
Something else we can face is that Royals may NOT work in a commercial situation, and that’s why they all do charity work. What else can they do to fill their days.
It’s great for charities to have their names on letterheads but it’s only occupying a space in their lives which years ago would have been used to go safari/kill wildlife in Africa; or become Governor General in the Colonies, or lead Charges as in The Charge of the Light Brigade as a titled, inexperienced General.
Harry and William did a good job of joining in Defence activities but now they join the ranks of Royals who do charity work.
So enough of “just like Diana” who died many years ago. Let her RIP and let her sons get on with being productive Royals…how I don’t know.


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