The question post 1945 was what to do about affordable housing during the years following the war, and after, especially as there had been no home building during the long years of the war and possibly before with the Great Depression.
The simple solution then – not private enterprise but govt initiative. Build minimum houses – not MacMansions – in areas then on the outskirts (think Sutherland area) and others. They were rented to people (like myself) with the option of buying on a minimum deposit. These houses – and you can see them all over Sydney – were enlarged, improved, lived in, and suburbs grew up around them and roads passed them on their way to other new suburbs.
So what am I saying? Go back to the old Housing Commission (or similar) by another name – after all they didn’t need to make a profit for (and rightfully so) shareholders; the same authority had full crews to maintain these houses. Build adequate houses – not MacMansions. Incidentally this would have an impact on the numbers of apprentices and tradesmen.
A passing thought – the government talks big about having a percentage of new housing blocks allocated for affordable housing. Tell me, will any buyer or any investor really want “affordable housing”, i.e. of a standard/size less than others around them, paying thousands of dollars less than buyers of the better class units? Come on!
What governments have to get over is the idea that private is better and one day they will realise that governments are there in government to work for us and not the private sector.
(An aside: who was the fool or the capitalist who first came up with the idea that private is better)


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