Wake up Australia!

Wake up Australia and stop feeling like mendicants in the relationship with the USA.
First appreciate that Australia is now and has been a real, actual co-partner to the USA . We are the only secure, stable, friendly, resourced base in the whole Pacific area as we were in WW2. At present we are hosting American troops in the NT and more importantly, we are a link in the world-wide USA defence installation in WA.
We are important! We are necessary for the defence of the USA and to keep troubles away from their shores, especially now that so much of the Pacific is closing off to the USA – The Philippines, Japan (Guam), China, etc.
So stop feeling that we must placate Trump – he must be pulled into line by wiser heads in the military and they will do it for their country and their own jobs…but first we must recognise that America will not look after anyone except the USA and our position makes us pretty important in American strategy – as it was in WW2.


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