The Royal Commission on Child Abuse

As a Catholic I am distraught at the figures coming out of the Royal Commission on Child Abuse in the Catholic Church but I reserve my greatest condemnation for the people at the top of the tree who covered up this disgraceful crime over the years. They were entrusted with leading the Church and they betrayed it and me and the people in the Church.
I am bleeding for the many, many priests, brothers and nuns I have known over my life – good, compassionate people who put their heart and soul into their vocations and now must endure the criticisms, abuse, distrust from people who formerly gave them trust and respect. And the clergy and teachers who gave me and dozens of people in my extended family, a great and happy childhood and education. And those looked after by generations of teachers and nurses in third world countries and who often died for their Faith..
No, I did not attend an elite school – I was a disadvantaged child in a disadvantaged school in a disadvantaged area but I had the advantage of a sympathetic, comprehensive schooling from nuns who tutored me.
Perhaps it’s time for some perspective. If a small firm down the street showed a 10% figure taking part in a crime, that could be, say 2 people. If say, BHP had a similar percentage – 2% – taking part in the same crime – that could be hundreds or thousands but the crime would be the same, the percentage of criminals the same.
With an organisation as numerous as The Church, with thousands of priests, brothers and nuns involved over many years under the Commission’s Review – what would be the percentage of those involved in these disgusting crimes, compared to, say the aggregate of any of the many other organisations undoubtedly coming up for more discussion on the floor of the Commission within the next few weeks.
I do look for some perspective on this awful matter but I doubt it I will get it from the media…it wouldn’t make as good a story and wouldn’t satisfy the bias of some in the media.


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