I thought with the absence of Tony Abbott we would not have dirty personal attacks from the Libs…remember the disgraceful personal attacks on Julia?
I had hoped that we would have discourse, debate, discussion on the floor of the House but no – it’s the same old…same old…
Listening to Scott Morrison and Simon Birmingham today I realised that there was good reason for voters to turn off politicians – one of many good reasons. No real answers, just useless attack…and as for staying on the subject – don’t hold your breath.
Try staying on the subject fellows (no, include Kelly O’Dwyer in that trilogy)
A question about the weather – what will you get – an attack on Labor – it’s all their fault.
Ask about rain in Central Australia – and it’s Labor’s fault.
Ask about The China Sea – and it’s all down to Labor.
No wonder we the voters/listeners/readers are turned off – and it’s not all Labor’s fault. I don’t think the Govt has a sensible discussion between the whole lot of them.


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