INDIGENOUS LANGUAGES & other languages

Today I saw an interview on ABC with NT Indigenous MLA Yingiya Mark Guyula (one of 25 members of the NT Parliament) seeking to put forward a motion to speak his native language in Parliament.
He admitted that he would be required to provide written translations before addressing the House in his language and I wondered why he would be bothered? He was well spoken, no accent, easy to understand and very articulate in English – perhaps with less accent than others such as Doug Cameron, Mathias Corman and others.
How many indigenous Parliamentarians are there in the NT – perhaps one – so that the ratio could be 1:25…and besides that does he suggest that he should represent only his people when elected as an independent? and only one tribe and one language?
As an Independent how many times does he rise to his feet and have anything to say that could not be expressed in the language we were listening to today?
Would the next step be Indigenous Law? Under which tribal rules? Then, of course someone would want one of the many other languages/Laws of the multiplicity of Tribes – and then Sharia Law and other languages of other groups represented in Parliament… and then a great fracturing of the system with a House of many languages – a Tower of Babel. The Irish have tried this introducing Gaelic, a native language, into the system – how efficient is it? How acceptable?
Is that what we want?


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